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The TFM range is designed for 13-20 tonne excavators. Comes standard with fixed carbide hammers, or can be fitted chipper style hammers.  

Full of standard options, including piston motor, hydraulic front door, large 325 mm, or 420 mm for the swinging hammer version rotor. This mulcher is capable of mulching vegetation up to 350mm

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two variants -

  1. TFM-Q = fixed hammers
  2. TFM     = 360 deg swinging hammers
Model TFM - Q 130 TFM 130
Working Width 130 130
Total Width  150 150
KG 990 940
Piston Motor  64cc 64cc
 Rotor dia 325 420
Flow Rate L/Min 110-130 130
Bar (Pressure) 250-270 250-270
Hammer Type Fixed 360 Swing
Hammers 26 20
Anti-cavitation Valve y y
Belts 4 4
Hydraulic Hoses 5 5
Front Hyd Door y y
Rear Chains y y
Max Shredding 250+ 250
Counter Blades y y
Hitch Flat Pack Flat Pack

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Range Type Brochure Link
DHL Range Simatech Excavator Download DHL
EXH Range
OSMA Excavator
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EXL Range
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TFK Range
OSMA Excavator

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TFK 50

TFXL Range
OSMA Excavator
Download TFXL
TFL Range
OSMA Excavator
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TFM Range
OSMA Excavator
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TFS Range
OSMA Excavator
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SF Range OSMA Skidsteer Download SF
SSQ Range
OSMA Skidsteer
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VML Range Simatech Mini Loader Download VML
SSK Mini Range Mini Loader Download SSK Mini
TSLQ Range Tractor Download TSLQ
TRF Range Tractor Download TRF
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